Little White Lies

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Not the song, but a new way to tell if your friends or family are liars!  I'm not sure what kind of 'fun' this handheld lie detector would bring to your parties or gatherings but I'm sure that there's got to be something interesting about it.  I wonder how accurate itwould be.  The deFIBulator is certainly a novelty product to be used in jest but I wonder how many hurt wives or husbands will capture this device and try to prove the other wrong.  Or children at school saying, "are you MY best friend?"  I can only imagine the answers and responses.  I think, though, that it could be used for fun somehow.  I suppose a little imagination wouldn't hurt.  Party games where you lie for some reason maybe?

If you notice there's a character on the screen aptly named “Demonochio” and his nose will grow and his horns will appear if there's a lie detected.  Apparently you ask 3 yes/no questions and then it determines by your voice responses how accurate your future answers are.

Sometimes technology goes a little over the edge.

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  1. Avitable 19 April, 2006 at 07:41

    I’d guess that it somehow measures perspiration and pulse when you hold it. Or maybe it works like those X-ray glasses I bought from the backs of comic books when I was a kid.

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