The Power of the Moon

Well, not quite the moon--but this flashlight boasts a brightness that surpasses most flashlights you probably own.130557186 45d399c8e9 m If you're not familiar yet with LED, compared to standard bulbs that drain batteries quickly and do not stay bright, LED flashlights and lanterns (and other gadgets) have incredible brightness and clarity where they shine and last much longer with less battery power needed.

4 small AA's will provide up to 80 hours of reduced light (in the optional extended mode which uses only 3 LEDs) or 25 hours using all 10 LEDs.  LEDs come with a 100,000 hour guarantee so if you haven't bought one yet, this is the choice I'd make.

With two stages, a rugged machined-aluminum body that cannot be crushed, and a body that's rubber with ribbed grips, this handy flashlight is well worth the extra you might spend on it.  I am certainly investing in a flashlight and lantern this camping season.  I hope they work against bears!  This one's only 9 oz. with a wrist strap and carrying case.  A lot of nice extra features for the price.

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