Yahoo! Avatars Get Techie Diva Makeover

Yahoo! Avatars I've never really had interest in Avatars, and Techie Diva (illustration) has probably been the closest I've ever gotten to using an illustration to identify myself.  But Yahoo! Avatars are so much fun, I spent about a half-hour playing with hairstyles, clothes, jewels and even portable gadgets. Verizon Wireless is listed under a tab called "Branded" with Avatars holding a Samsung Phone w/Earbuds, Jabra Headset, LG mobile, Mobile Phone purse and even a Motorola Razr (which I am holding here). You can pose in front of a Verizon Network background, like the one seen here too. Can you hear me now? Anyway, I like the idea of Avatars holding gadgets like they're second nature, making them look like true "Techie Divas". Just so cool!

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