Life Expectancy Watch

watchThe last thing we all need is a gadget that is constantly reminding us of death.  The Life Expectancy Watch displays and monitors the approximate time left in a user's life. According to a patent filed in 1991 by New Yorker David Kendrick the watch has a microprocessor that monitors the passage of time in years, days, hours, minutes and seconds.  Your life span is based on actuarial tables that determine your life expectancy based on smoking-status, occupation, socio-economic class or other health factors. So once your life expectancy is determined, the watch may count backwards until your time of death.

"A timepiece for monitoring and displaying the approximate time remaining in a user's life. A microprocessor monitors the passage of time. A resettable memory is connected to the processor for storing data representative of years, days, hours, minutes and seconds. A display is connected to the microprocessor for displaying data stored in the memory. Buttons or switches are provided to enter and change the stored data so that the approximate time remaining in the user's life can be reset by the user."  Patent

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  1. Ecofriend 17 April, 2006 at 03:52

    Life Expectancy Watch: It displays & monitors time left in you life!

    This is no ordinary watch. Besides it beauty, it is perhaps the last gadget one would want to possess. It continuously reminds us of death! Yes, death. The Life Expectancy Watch not only displays, but also monitors the approximate pending for you to…

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