Snaked-Fashion Phone

Snake_arm_1Designers at Product Visionaires, a design group working with Siemens, appears to have developed a concept fashion phone with an emotional body monitor they call Snaked-Seductive Extravagance. In their own words:

"Snaked is the ultimate symbol for fashion loving women to demonstrate an attitude of pride and consciousness towards the female body by supporting body curves and attract through an emotionally visualized body monitor. Using the phone as a symbolic tool to display a well trained body and attract the surrounding."

Confusing, I know, but it sounds like the phone will adapt to the sexy contours of your body, while displaying your emotional mood.  Flashing Light effects will alert others on whether you are approachable at the time or not. So if it's flashing red, you better know what that means, and stay the hell awSnake_blancay buddy. Via Textually

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