Sony goes Pink at a Target near you

Pinksy Target is definitely the place to shop. They carry some very attractive, and hip home decor nowadays.  Today I noticed a very pink Sony section in one of the electronics aisles. I assume this is targeting young women, who still have a love affair with pink hues. They have a Sony Pink 512 MP3 Walkman, that isn't so bad, it is only 512MB and costs $89.99 which is cheaper than most 512 MP3 players out there. Problem is it runs on AA batteries.

I prefer to charge my devices because I hate wasting batteries, unless you can recharge them, but that's a pain-in-the-butt.  They also have the Sony Flash with FM Tuner that holds 345 songs (512MB). I really like this player, except the price, $169.99 for 512MB? I don't think so. Not sure why this one is more expensive at Target, when it's only $129.95 at Sony Style, but I suggest you shop around. Wal-Mart has the Creative Zen Neeon 5GB (2500 songs) Player for $ 178.76 that comes in seven colors, and you can even buy stickers for it. This is one of my personal favorites.

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