Estilo GT Bluetooth Mouse

Brando has yet another Bluetooth mouse for us - the Estilo GT Bluetooth Mouse. It comes in the form factor of a car, and boasts a couple of LED headlights that actually light up the moment the mouse is powered. You will be able to switch the resolution on-the-fly from 500 dpi to 800 dpi and 1,600 dpi through a rather unconventional method - both left and right mouse buttons must be clicked simultaneously. This reeks of cheap, since any other decent mouse would come with dedicated dpi switching buttons. After all, if you're in the middle of something important, surely you wouldn't want to risk mis-clicking either button which could lead to a menu command? The Estilo GT Bluetooth Mouse will cost $38 by itself, while if you opt for the bundle including a tiny USB Bluetooth V2.0+EDR adapter, that will cost you $55.

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