Hitachi Microdrive: A girls best friend?

Md3k8_2The Consumers Electronics Association (CEA) has placed the Hitachi Microdrive in the list of "What Women Want" after surveying more than 1,600 (men/women) to determine the features and functions women prefer in their consumer electronic devices. The Microdrive will be featured at CEA's "Technology Is a Girl's Best Friend" Diamond Product Showcase at CES. So what's so hot about this microdrive?  According to the press release, great picture quality and the ability to share photos were must-have features, but overall the survey found ease-of-use, reliability and a lightweight design were important attributes in women's selection of consumer electronics.

The Hitachi Microdrive 3K6 offers 6 gigabytes* of storage capacity in a one-inch drive. In other words, that’s 6,000 digital photos (1 MB each), 1,500-3,000 songs or eight hours of MPEG-4 video** -- all in a device that’s smaller than the typical matchbook. Press Release

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