Take that X-Box and Run!

Xbox So what happens when you try to show off your Xbox 360 to a line of people camping outside the Best Buy? Well if you drop it, it will get stolen...check out this video. Yeah, don't attempt this at home kids.

"Best Buy was getting a new shippment of Xbox 360's. So people started to camp out of the store the night before, hoping to grab one in the morning. Anyway, these teenagers thought it was funny to drive by and show off their Xbox 360 to everyone in line. They drove by like 5 times untill the 6th time, they accidentally drop the console. My buddy grabs it and runs away... {Watch Video}"

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  1. Chris 22 December, 2005 at 12:45

    This was a setup. The video has been floating around the net since the day after launch. The complete video shows the team setting up their hoax…

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