Heart Sensing Sports Bra

Whiteborderbra Textronics is releasing the first heart sensing sports bra. NuMetrex features electronic sensing technology that's actually integrated right into the fabric. Not your traditional bra, as it has a built-in accurate heart rate monitoring system. A Polar WearLink transmitter snaps directly into a special compartment of the bra, eliminating the need for a separate heart monitor. The sensors pick up the wearer's heartbeat and relay it to the WearLink transmitter. It then captures the information and sends it to the heart rate monitor watch, which displays it instantaneously. The transmitter can communicate with some fitness machines like treadmills and elliptical trainers that have integrated monitoring devices. You can purchase the bra alone or with a choice of transmitter and watches. The offering ranges in price from $45 for the bra on its own to $155 for a complete system including bra, transmitter and watch with an added calorie counter feature. Product Page

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