Disaster-Proof SafeRoom Bed

Sleeper_1This sleeping unit will provide you with maximum protection against hostile environments. That means earthquakes, tsunamis, terrorist, tornadoes, human attacks, bullets and anything else you can think of. The Quantum Sleeper bed entertains you, while it protects you. The bed comes with options like CD Player, DVD Screen with PC Hookup, Microwave and Refrigerator. You also have an option to include a cell phone, CB and Shortwave radios. It is made with bulletproof plating, bio-chemical ventilation, water/airtight sealing, a toiletry system and more. The bed is only a concept. A perfect gift for those paranoid types.  Product Page

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  1. DigitalDame 24 October, 2005 at 13:08

    I don’t know how you find this stuff, but this disaster-proof bed is actually pretty cool. I live in NY so I really don’t have to worry about earthquakes, but it would definitely come in handy in other places!

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