Mouret's MotoFashion

Sketch Motorola and Roland Mouret unveiled a special limited-edition pocket belt designed specifically to carry the new Motorola PEBL at last weeks Mouret Spring 2006 collection sponsored by Motorola. Mouret designed a sleek waist-cincher belt, with two drop-folded pockets so you can tuck away your PEBL phone without having to wear a jacket or a bag. The belt will be available in black, green and white leather. "The Roland Mouret woman is exactly the consumer we had in mind when we created the PEBL: she is sleek, elegant, but at the same time practical. She loves fashion, but recognizes that high-quality; beautifully-designed technology is also a great luxury.” said Kathleen Finato, senior director of marketing for Motorola's Mobile Devices. Read Press Release.

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