iStyle Fashion Phone

Istyle2 Fashion and Technology come together in the iStyle mobile phone design.  While this may only be a concept by Prince Design Studio, the design is unlike anything seen in the market.  The curvaceous phone has the keypad around the center LCD.  It seems to support MP3, FM radio, has a built-in camera, and 3 way speaker. More at Yanko Design


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  1. Christian 8 September, 2005 at 22:15

    That’s totally cool. The only downside is being so super-flashy — I don’t like when I’m trying to take a photo and all anyone wants to talk about is my spiffy camera or camera phone (and I currently have one of each). I guess I’m among the target demographic though, because I’d learn Japanese for a cooler cell phone (and maybe I’ll have to!) 😉

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