Juicy Couture iPod Shuffle Case

Saturdays are my "Shop Therapy" days. This is when I tend to go shopping and reward myself for getting through the week. (Don't even go there girlfriend, I know you do too.)   So I go to Nordstrom to check out the designer handbags, and I find the cutest case ever... I mean ever! I want to get an iPod Shuffle just for this case. Juicy Couture has iPod Shuffle cases in metallic, leather and velour. They are very chic with the chains and signature charms.  The one I say at Nordstrom was velour green with purple trim. Their website has a Metallic Blue, Gold and Black. If you happen to own an iPod Shuffle, I highly encourage you to go check them out. Price: $38  Also at ShopBop.com. Juiceshuff_1Juicy1095313731l

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  1. cat 21 August, 2005 at 08:08

    wow! it’s just looks so cute!!! but a bit steep for me… all the juicy courture stuff is soooooo expensive, but really nice!!

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