Digital Locket MP3 Player


The "Digital Locket" MP3 player has earned its name by displaying photos during playback.  Its SNT Color display can display images the size of 100x65 pixels. The headset acts as a necklace pretty much like the iPod Shuffle, except that this little capusule player has a lot more features and style.  These coin sized players have Voice recorder, FM tuner, support MP3 and WMA, and come in 1GB capacity. They are very lightweight and battery life is up to 16 hours.  Very fun to look at, will make a young teen very happy.I4U did a nice little review of the "tech bling" player here. Price: $99.99 at BeatSounds.

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  1. Gadget Garden Gadgets 27 July, 2005 at 01:52


    Zoals meerdere mp3spelers, kun je ook deze Beatsounds Digital Locket om je nek hangen. Maar zoals je al kunt afleiden uit de naam, vervangt deze mp3speler ook je kettinghanger-met-foto (hoe heet zoiets ook alweer?). Je kunt namelijk, tijdens het afspel…

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