Hollywood Snap-on-smile

Snapon With the ever increasing pressure to display a perfect smile, many of us are running to our local dentist to get a smile makeover. Even Hillary Duff who already had an almost perfect smile, opted for veneers. (Haven't you noticed her freakishly bold smile?) If you are not happy with your almost perfect teeth but don't want to get veneers, you'll be glad to know there is now a new "trend" in dentistry, a snap-on-smile that is molded after Hollywood's most coveted choppers. You can flip through Us Weekly, and once you decide what celebrity smile you want, show it to your cosmetic dentist. He then takes a mold of your teeth, and creates a prosthesis that snaps on nicely on your existing teeth. They need to be cleaned three times a day and you can take then off anytime. Expect to pay $1,500-$1,800, and make sure you take plenty of pictures that you can then send to all your "friends". [Via]


  1. niasha 18 January, 2006 at 12:47

    I live in the Hampton Roads area of Virgina and I am very interested in snap on smile is there any dentist in this area that dooes that particular prodedure?

  2. Ara Caldwell 22 August, 2005 at 17:09

    This year for my birthday I have an appointment to get my very on “snap on smile”. I have not smiled in years thanks to the gaps between my teeth, and it will be a dream come true if it works for me even if it is not permanent.


  3. fran 1 August, 2005 at 12:38

    I saw this on CNN news and it was advertised for about $1000? I would be very interested and live in Staten Island, NY 10309 area – thanks for any info you can provide

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