Weather Predicting Clothespins

Clothespin_1Remember back in the day when your mom used to hang clothes to dry because she was old-school, and wanted to conserve energy and save money. Ok, so your mother was a modern day woman who put those appliances to good use, and  probably hasn't seen clothespins since she was a child. Either way, she would be amazed to know that clothespins aren't what they used to be. A UK based artist has developed a weather predicting clothes peg that has microprocessors and software that sense when rain is near based on shifts in the barometric pressure. When the pins sense that it's about to rain, they lock up and prevent your from hanging your clothes. Each peg knows when it is being used. When you remove it from the holder it stops forecasting the weather and remains in the same free or locked mode until you put it back. Now is that really necessary? [Via]

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