Vitamin C Shower

With all this concern about aging, it is probably your best bet to start taking preventive measures before its too late. The Vitamin-C Shower Filter is an attachment for your shower that releases the exact amount of vitamin to neutralize chlorine or chloramines in the water that passes through your shower.  It nourishes your skin with harmless water that eliminates alkali water- which dries your skin- to weak acid-water.  It also eliminates active oxygen, which often causes skin aging, therefore moisturizing your skin. The Vitamin C shower filter works in any water temperature or water pressure. Great for your dyed hair, sensitive skin, dandruff prevention and asthma sufferers.

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  1. Anonymous 5 July, 2005 at 22:46

    What is an electric light shower?

    Its when a bunch of bearded guys from the 70s are making synth pop and peeing on you.

    Or is this is a shower head that bathes you in chromatherapeutic light. What’s chromatherapy, you ask? It is an incredibly advanced science designed to allow ex-…

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