Schick Quattro Hotties

Sudsystud_640x480_1  Cruising the Schick Quattro site, I spotted these Quattro for Women Beefcakes. They have other images that you can email to a friend, download a calendar, or use as a screensaver. You have a pick from the Howdy Hottie, the Sudsy Stud or the Fix-it-Fox. [Interesting marketing approach] Also check out their Free Razor offer, which was what I originally intended to sign up for. ;0)

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  1. Pleasant Morning Buzz 16 June, 2005 at 10:07

    Hold on, Ladies?

    The most absurd of the lot is the one with a cowboy riding a giant razor. That’s right. Hold on ladies, because a cowboy is riding a giant razor.

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