Lala Laptop Bags

Raspberry Our readers are always asking about fashionable, stylish, laptop bags for women. Here we found the Signature Paris Bag from Lala. This bag has a detachable exterior bag which converts into a small purse when you are on the go. It has lots of pockets for easy access to place your cell, power adapter, and files. It costs $435 and comes in a variety of colors.


  1. megan mair 7 July, 2005 at 02:21

    Hello !

    I have just visited your fantastic site – it’s a great pleasure to discover your product range & keen eye for brilliant concepts !

    I have just spotted the ‘Sketchel’ bag I co-created with my partner, Jeremyville.

    You can now purchase this at our online
    store from main section on the website !
    Limited edition Sketchels are available
    along with orginal one offs !

    Also we are launching this product at
    the San Diego Comic Con in July for
    any retailers interested stocking the
    limited edition artists Sketchels.

    We hope you enjoy our product and
    thank you ‘Diva’ for your support & interest !

    Megan Mair 🙂

  2. Anne 20 May, 2005 at 04:46

    Great site — full of cool items I’ve never seen elsewhere. I’m a writer who schlepps around town from coffee shop to coffee shop with my laptop. The best case I’ve found, bar none, is the Snaptop Desk: a laptop carrying case and removable, gorgeous crafted wood lap desk in one. Totally useful and it looks like I’m carrying around an artist’s palette and supplies. Check it out at Worth seeing!

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