Stuffed Robots

5302307_bfd122f386 Stuffed Robot was founded by three college freshman (patrick, jessie and bill) from Wake Forest and RIT. These art students have managed to create a startup that sells stuffed robots for $35.We introduce you to Angrybot (master of disaster) in green , Pink Robot (punk rock security guard) and Blue Robot ( attention seeker). They are adorable, and would make a great gift for someone who needs a special friend. Another handy design is their neck rest controller $25, in the shape guessed it a video game controller is super cool for you video game fiends who stay up all night playing video games.Stuffd

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  1. ari 9 March, 2007 at 18:16

    hey i like the bots…but i keep seeing a pic of a pink robot and it has a heart on it but when i go 2 buy one it only shows the one with the guitar on its front…is there a way that i can get the one with the broken heart on it front?!. get back 2me on that thnx

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