iCush @ Teen Choice Awards

Stacy gave me a demonstration of the new Homedics iCush which should be in stores soon. The iCush is a portable cushion that syncs sound directly to massage vibes allowing the user to feel the sound from music, video games or movies. Kevin Federline sat down in the iCush and they turned on his new song.  He laughed, and said “No, no – turn it off.  I don’t want to hear it!”  Then he had a lot of fun listening to Kelly Clarkson. See what other celebs thought of the iCush:

Prod_large_icush100_1 Jessica Alba  loved the iCush and even started dancing to the beat of Rihanna’s music while sitting in it.

Snoop Dog sat in the chair longer than anyone.  We played Buttons for him and he started singing along, saying that “his boys in the song were giving him a massage.”  He also played with the video game, and said he couldn’t wait to have the cushion in his house.

We played Rihanna's new song while she was sitting on the iCush.  She couldn’t believe that the cushion vibrated to the beat of her music.


Routh had a lot of fun playing Halo, and was excited that the chair gave off massage vibes based on the action he was making with the game.

Christina Milian said “That’s hot.  I love it!  Who came up with this?”

Benji Schwimmer (So You Think You Can Dance) sat in the chair and started dancing to Fergie’s London Bridge, one of the songs he danced to on the show.

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