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How To Increase YouTube Subscribers And Video Views

YouTube has become the must-go-to site for most video lovers. Content creators and YouTubers are therefore trying all possible means to get more subscribers and video views. The competition is tough out there due to the huge number of channels. As of 2020, there were over 37 million YouTube channels, with each striving to grab the most subscribers. Ironically, less than 4.5 million channels have more than 1000 subscribers; hence, eligible to monetize their videos. They’ve come this far thanks to the commitment, dedication, and effective use of tools available at their disposal like the YouTube thumbnail. To join this league, you need concerted effort and dedication, while putting up some strategic measures. We are here to help you achieve the most and see you at the top.

Increasing YouTube Subscribers

This is in no doubt a herculean task but a lot depends on you. Like a football team, your success depends on training, performance, quality output, and interpersonal relationships. Win this game by

Having A Target Market

Channels that target a particular segment of people are the most successful. Before you start a YouTube channel, research into areas or topics that most people find interesting. Is it politics, fashion, cars, making money, or religious topics? Also, identify the areas you are most passionate and comfortable about, and create your content around these subjects. Specializing in particular areas gives you more dedicated fans than trying to do just a little of everything.

Building A Strong Relationship With Subscribers

As a beginner, how you relate with channel visitors may determine whether they will press that subscribe button. Remember that some viewers are attention seekers and love to be recognized; hence, be ready to respond to their questions, suggestions, criticisms, and inquiries from them. When they feel loved, they will surely subscribe and even recommend your channel to others to promote organic views.

Content And Its Quality Matters

Your content structure and quality is paramount in this YouTube game. Before turning on that camera make sure you’ve organized your taught. The topics should be well research and structured to follow a particular pattern to create consistency. Visitors must be able to relate to whatever you put out there. Remember that your audience and potential audience are in for information and not speculations. Yes, sometimes you can just speculate if the information is not clear, but that shouldn’t be your trademark.


As a YouTuber or content creator, one of your strongest bets is consistency. Your subscribers shouldn’t wait forever before you drop a new video. Relieve them the stress of always returning to watch old stuff. Don’t try to create any suspense or tease their patience, it may not work. Dropping new content within specific schedules keeps subscribers always coming back. If you can post daily, any other day, weekly or monthly, be consistent with it. The more the videos the more the visits and subsequent subscription.

Ask Visitors To Subscribe

There is nothing wrong with asking visitors to subscribe to your channel. In your introduction or the middle of your video, you can request them they subscribe for more videos and alerts when new works are uploaded. You can also use a subscriber button at the beginning or end of your videos. Trust me, this can pull the magic as visitors may consciously or unconsciously subscribe.

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How To Get More Video View

Let’s now get into how your videos can attract views.

Create Top-Quality Content

Good products markets themselves, the same applies to YouTube videos. As already said, your content must be relevant to your target audience. Anything you put out there must be well researched, informative, and educative, not forgetting the entertaining aspect. Aside from that, your video production must be of top quality.

Make Use of Compelling Thumbnails

Your YouTube thumbnail must be engaging enough as it informs viewers what to expect in the video. Note that, most viewers check the thumbnail before even looking at the video title, therefore that image must be captivating. Take into consideration the YouTube thumbnail size as you plan something to fit your video. Although you can choose from the auto-generated thumbnail images, it is extremely important to come up with a customized one.

Create a Playlist

Creating a playlist entices your visitor to watch more of your other videos. They wouldn’t have to struggle through self-search as subsequent videos play automatically. If you have good content, they wouldn’t mind watching more and more.

Enable Embedding

When viewers love your videos, they would want to share on websites, social media pages, and blogs for others to have a view. That’s great right? But, sadly, because you’ve not enabled embedding, they can’t do that. If you allow embedding, other people can insert your videos in their blogs or websites. This automatically increases the chances of more people seeing your content.

Promote Your Videos on Social Media

Take advantage of the various social media platforms to promote all your videos. Let your Facebook, and other social media followers enjoy your videos by uploading them there. Add a backlink that takes them back to your YouTube channel for the full video.

Buy Views

There are various sites committed to promoting videos and getting you views. Stay competitive, be efficient, and save yourself some energy by delegating your video promotional activities to some of these sites. You can do your checks to find the best platform to buy more views.