Condiment Gun for juvenile snacking sessions

Have you cracked your head many times over, thinking on what to get for your friend at his/her housewarming party? Apart from the usual range of gifts that most people think of, some others prefer to just hand over cash just in case the host receives three rice cookers in a single night. Here's a gift idea for those of you who are stuck in a rut - the Condiment Gun. This might look like a toy gun, but it actually holds a couple of cartridges within which allows you to "shoot" a condiment of your choice on your favorite dish to add more flavor to each bite. All you need to do is pull the trigger slowly and you're good to go. I think kids will start a food fight much more easily with items like the Condiment Gun sitting around in the living room. If you're thinking of bringing this home, then do be prepared to fork out £14.95 for it.

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