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From Save the Date Templates to the Perfect Wedding Dress:  Here's How to Plan Your Big Day

If you thought that popping the question to the love of your life was difficult, planning your wedding would make you rethink that assumption. With a plethora of wedding arrangements to make, the process can be nerve-wracking to say the least.

But even when you feel overwhelmed, simply learning about a few suggestions can be enough to calm your nerves. This isn’t a false sense of promise either. With helpful advice, it actually gets easier for you and your fiance to breeze through the wedding planning process.

To help you through this important part of your life, here’s a lowdown on planning your wedding and save the date templates that will make sense for you and your event.

It is a fascinating event and you should endeavor to make the most out of this wonderful day.

1. Start by Deciding on a Date

Once you have informed your family about your engagement, you can move forward with deciding on a date for your wedding.

If the date is incredibly important to you, you can browse through save the date options via a reliable vendor such as Basic Invite. This gives you a way to inform your friends, family, and loved ones about your chosen date for your big day.

With that being said, if the date is flexible and depends more upon other factors such as venue and family availability, you can put this step aside for later.

2. Make a Guest List

The next step is making a guest list for your wedding. This is critical to planning your wedding, since it is the foundation to choosing your venue, hiring your caterer, and sending your invites.

The size of the guest list isn’t set in stone. The main factor here is how intimate or extensive you want your wedding celebrations to be in the first place. This is also where you choose your maid of honor, best man, and wedding party.

This step also lets you finalize your budget and plan your wedding according to your finances. This makes sure that you are putting together a wedding that you can afford.

3. Choose a Venue

If you have a dream wedding venue, this will be the time to explore it. The sooner you do, the better chances you have of booking it at your required date.

While picking your venue, make sure that it has all the amenities or potential to support your desired wedding activities. For instance, if a dance floor isn’t available, ensure that it can be constructed through a vendor.

The venue should also be in line with your guest list and accommodate everyone without any problems. This saves you from unpleasant situations on your wedding day.

4. Hire the Required Professionals

After you have chosen your venue, you can move forward with hiring the required professionals who turn it from a vacant structure to the place of your dream wedding.

This is where you can begin making the rounds of caterers, makeup artists, decorators, florists, bartenders, and bands or DJs. As you interview these vendors, make sure to keep their prices in mind for accurate comparison.

Once you are done with the process, you can move forward with making advance payments whenever required and get ready for the big day.

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5. Get Your Outfits Ready

If you are not renting your attire, buying it off the rack, or wearing a generational outfit, a wedding dress as well as a tux can take a lot of time to get ready. That is why, you should pay attention to this aspect as soon as you can.

You should also take your time in browsing through different options until you find something that seems like the perfect fit. This ensures that you aren’t making any compromises for your special day.

From there, it will be time to make appointments with makeup artists, picking your jewelry, and choosing other accessories.

6. Send the Wedding Invites

In case your chosen date depended on other factors, this will be the time to browse the options including but not limited to save the date with no photo, prominent photo placement, and foil treatment.

If you have already sent these announcements, you can follow them up with proper wedding invites. Through a renowned vendor such as Basic Invite, you can find an array of options to send your perfect wedding invites in a timely manner.

Sending a mix of both the date announcement and the invite works wonders. It makes sure that your guests not only remain aware of your plans, but also feel special through a formal invitation.

By following these tips, you and your fiance can tie the knot with the utmost bliss while being surrounded by your loved ones. But if you do need any help, don’t hesitate to look into wedding planners. This can take the burden off of your shoulder to let you enjoy your big day.