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The role of muscle recovery equipment in the fitness industry 

While there are very few areas of society that have been left untouched by the huge technological developments that have taken place over the last 10 years, the fitness industry has been changed completely. How and when we workout, as well as how we track our progress has been revolutionised by the huge impact that technology has had on the fitness industry. 

However, technology has not only had an impact on the workouts that we do, but through the development of muscle recovery equipment has also changed how we look after our muscles post-workout. So, here is everything you need to know about muscle recovery equipment, what it means, and why it is so important for our muscle health and overall wellbeing. 

The rise of technology in the fitness industry 

Most of us rely heavily on technology in modern day life, and our smartphones are often the first thing we see in the morning, and the last thing we see before going to sleep at night. Well the technology developments that have occurred in the fitness industry has completely changed the face of health and fitness for many of us. 

One of the biggest shake ups in the fitness industry has been down to the wearable devices that are now readily available to individuals of all different fitness abilities. Whether you are an avid gym-goer or you simply enjoy getting out once a day for a long walk, you can make the most of wearable fitness devices, such as the Fitbit, to gather and collect information about your physical activity. This has had a huge impact on how well-informed individuals are about their own health. From measuring the number of steps achieved in the last 24 hours, to the quality of their sleep from the night before, technological developments have allowed us to be more knowledgeable about our own health and fitness. 

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However, another huge impact that technology has had on the fitness industry is the development of muscle recovery equipment. 

What is muscle recovery equipment? 

Muscle recovery equipment refers to the expansion of tools and devices that have been developed in recent years thanks to huge technological advancements. Whereas the vibration technology that muscle recovery equipment utilises has been around for some time, it was previously only available in the gym or sports centre. However, smaller handheld devices and tools are now being developed that allow for all the benefits of massage therapy and vibration technology in the comfort of your own home. 

Industry leaders, Pulseroll, have developed new and innovative pieces of equipment that encourage the use of self massage to help ease post-workout soreness and muscle tension. From their revamp of the old-fashioned standard foam roller, to the development of their mini massage gun, by using their products you can target individual muscles that are sore and tight after an intense workout session. 

Why is it important?

Muscle recovery is so important, and a crucial aspect of any fitness and workout schedule, because it allows you to take care of your muscles and joints, in order to enhance performance and reduce risk of injury. Before the technological advancements that have helped us become more informed than ever, some athletes believed in the mantra- ‘no pain, no gain’. But research has now shown us that post-workout soreness is avoidable and not a necessity if you want to see results and improvements in your fitness levels and muscle growth.  

Instead, if you continue to workout muscles that are tired and sore, then not only are you increasing your risk of injury, but you could be potentially hindering your fitness progression in the future. It is important to remember that the more recovery time and resources you provide to your muscles, the better results you will have in your workout sessions. 

What are the benefits? 

There are many benefits that come from scheduling muscle recovery into your workout schedule, and from using the muscle recovery equipment that is now available. Such as: 

  • Increase in flexibility
  • Eases mental fatigue 
  • Reduced muscle soreness post-workout 
  • Essential for muscle growth and development 
  • Speeds up recovery time 
  • Enhanced performance 

While there have been significant developments in the role that muscle recovery equipment plays in the fitness industry thanks to technology, this is not expected to stop any time soon. Instead, we can predict even more technological progress in the fitness industry, which will make working out and looking after our muscles post-workout even easier.