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Technology That Will Never Exist

In movies, we see all types of technology an inventions some of those inventions we can see in the world today, and then there are some that we might ever get the chance to see. But since we are dealing with technology, we know that anything is possible. But since they are not there today and we doubt they will there in the near future, we want to look at some technology inventions that are most likely to never leave movies and cinema. 

Jetpacks For Regular People

Don’t get us, jetpacks do exist, but juts not for people. There is just a bit too much that is involved in their creation and there is no company that is willing to take that risk.

Flying Cars

We have seen so many flying cars in movies and some even in online casino games. But when it comes to their creation in the real life, that is a totally different issue. Flying car ideas have been tossed around since the 1970’s and they where even tried out at some point. But they killed the people who where behind the idea and no one has attempted them since then. 

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Teleportation Devices

Another tech innovation that movies love to use is teleoperation devices. But alas, it is also another innovation that we do not thi8nk will ever be created, the science and the mathematics behind its creation in the real life cost too much and there is too much to risk as well. 


Another very common feature in technology related movies when someone manages to disintegrate their enemies or its the other way around, but this will also never be created, although science will not give up and it still doing its best to prove the world wrong on the matter. It’s like travelling to the moon while playing blackjack online, we all thought it was impossible up until it happened.