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4 Powerful Ways to Increase Focus at Work

Use These 4 Tips to Increase Focus on the Job

Is your mind constantly wandering at work? Do you find it difficult to concentrate? Are you unable to stay focused on a single task for more than a few minutes? By proactively identifying ways to improve focus, you can dramatically improve your results and get more done in less time. 

The Challenge of Harnessing Focus

Focus is easy to take for granted. Until you realize just how fickle it can be, that is!

If you’re like most people, you have small windows of focus, yet spend most of the day wandering in a mental wilderness, looking for something to latch onto. And while everyone is different, your lack of focus is likely a combination of some or all of the following factors:

  • Fatigue. As you know from personal experience, fatigue and concentration do not coexist together. The more tired you are, the less willpower and focus you have. This can impact your performance, accuracy, and ambition. 

  • Stress. Stress robs your body of the energy you need to perform even the most basic of tasks. Blood rushes away from the brain and flows to your muscles for a fight or flight response. And while you can certainly experience acute bouts of intense focus in a stressful situation, chronic stress depletes your ability to concentrate. 

  • Distractions. We’re all prone to sensory distractions in our immediate surroundings. This may include a coworker talking loudly on the phone, a TV flashing in the background, or email notifications popping up on your computer.

  • Physiological issues. Finally, there are certain physiological issues that have the power to impact focus and concentration. ADD and ADHD are the most common ones. Medical issues like thyroid disease, diabetes, and anemia can also make it more difficult to zero in on specific tasks. You can get armour coupon online for meds to treat your thyroid disease as well as other medical issues. 

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4 Ways to Enhance Focus and Get More Done

There are multiple forces of nature working against you at all times. If you want to increase your focus and get more done at work, you need a plan. Here are some suggestions:

  • Eliminate Distractions

The first suggestion is to get rid of all of the low-hanging issues that are stealing your concentration and focus throughout the day. This begins with purging your office of distractions.

For starters, optimize your devices to avoid sending you push notifications anytime a new text message, email, or social media post comes through. Silence your devices and instead schedule specific times for checking these channels. 

Secondly, deal with physical distractions like noise or visual disruptions. If you have the ability to close your office door and/or put on noise-canceling headphones, do it. If there’s a distraction outside your office window, try closing the blinds or repositioning your desk. 

  • Proper Sleep

For every hour of sleep you lose, your ability to focus on work the following day plummets. By enhancing your sleep quality and quantity, you can set yourself up for greater concentration at work. Try setting consistent sleep and wake times to help your body establish a predictable circadian rhythm. 

  • VNS

The vagus nerve is one of the longest nerves in the entire body. It has a direct impact on everything from digestion to heart rate. And by stimulating the vagus nerve through a process known as VNS, you can improve concentration, enhance mental acuity, and stay more mindful. 

Try using VNS headphones prior to starting an important project. The wavelengths of the soundtrack will reduce stress and elevate your mindfulness. This can keep you focused for longer periods of time (and lead to better performance).

  • Regular Breaks

It doesn’t matter how well you optimize your surroundings or mindset; the human brain is finite. At some point, you’ll need to step away from work and let down your guard. Regular breaks will allow you to refuel and replenish your concentration “juices.”


Imagine what you could get done at work if you were able to increase your focus by just 10 or 15 percent throughout the day. Not only would your output increase, but eventually your income would follow suit. And if you work for an employer, your marked improvement could lead to a promotion or raise.  But most of all, increasing your focus will lead to greater confidence and satisfaction. You’ll feel a fresh sense of hope and purpose that can only come from knowing you’re doing your best.

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