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Best Bitcoin Documentaries To Understand The Whole Thing

Bitcoin has come a long way since its establishment in 2008. Created by the ghost individual or group of individuals,Satoshi Nakamoto, it has become a leading mode of digital transactions worldwide. It has even paved the way for other altcoins to make their waves in the digital currency market and inspire even more change.

Despite this fact, some categories of people don't understand what Bitcoin is or what it's meant to solve. That is certainly quite unfortunate as it is necessary to understand bitcoin, how it provides value and what it means for humanity as whole. It has many intriguing aspects in how it relates to value aggregation, inflation, wealth creation, energy to monetary value conversion, and other very compelling elements that continue to drive its value.

It may seem like one business but the truth is that bitcoin can be encompassed across many different segments of life. But why is that? It is because money permeates through everything and genuinely matters in every single industry.

That said, here are a few of the best Bitcoin documentary movies of all time that you can watch to help you understand Bitcoin. These documentaries do a fantastic job of ensuring that you are aware of bitcoin and how it affects society.

Here are a few we have highlighted for you today.

Bitcoin — Shape The Future

As you may already know, Bitcoin is a pretty hard concept to understand if you don't know anything about it; the statistical and analytical terms can make any newbie confused and agitated.

That's why many people try to understand it, fail, and then call cryptocurrency a scam or a Ponzi scheme. That said, the "Bitcoin-shape the future" documentary is arguably one of the best documentaries you can watch to get helpful information about Bitcoin. It explains Bitcoin from a Chinese perspective, which explains how it affects their economy and how deeply rooted Bitcoin now is in China.

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Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It

Although this documentary is similar to the documentary mentioned above in many ways, it also provides a different and refreshing perspective.

Instead of focusing on digital currency's effects on the economy, it looks at how money has evolved over the years, and how it can be more secure. In addition, it mentions important money history, such as the Wall Street era and the current money system we operate on.

After that, it explains how Bitcoin comes into play with the current money system and how it can quickly become the primary mode of exchange between people.

Interestingly, this film won prizes at the Anthem Film Festival. It also won the 2015 Special Jury Prize at the Amsterdam Film Festival.

Will You Become a Bitcoiner?

Cryptocurrency is a fantastic concept that is changing the world as we know it. Bitcoin being the first, has impacted the world in a way not many other digital currencies have. Above are the two best Bitcoin documentaries that would shed more light on the Bitcoin concept. These documentaries can certainly help you get started on bitcoin and why it matters.