DS Lite gets Thrustmaster Silver Pack

If you think that your aging DS Lite needs a little nip and tuck, why not ditch and purchase a whole new color altogether? Of course, that could be rather costly in these economically trying times, so the next best thing would be to look for an accessory pack that will be able to fulfil your desire for something different. Thrustmaster has its new Silver Pack that will definitely bling up your DS Lite without breaking the bank - it comes with a rhinestone silver and pink clutch to hold the DS Lite, a curvy pink stylus, a pair of earbuds stored in a powder compact-style case complete with a mirror, a pink cleaning cloth, a car charger as well as a storage case to hold a quartet of carts. The cost? A mere $34.99, guaranteed to make any girl gamer happy.

Product Page via Chip Chick

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