Blonde keyboard takes some smarts to figure out

Blonde jokes are pretty much timeless, and while there is no scientific truth in blondes being less intelligent than others, it is one of those quirky instances that have been stuck in our psyche for many generations already. Heck, even in this time and age where technology rules, there must be someone who wants to squeeze in a blonde joke in the form of the Blonde keyboard. What makes this keyboard so different from the rest, even if it comes the same number of keys as a regular keyboard? For starters, it comes in an awful pink color that will definitely require a pair of shades to protect your eyes. It is special in a sense where some of the keys have been renamed to make it easier for the fabled blonde featured in countless jokes to use. For instance, all the numbers have been replaed with dice-like figures, while the spacebar is known as "MySpace", Delete as "Oops", Enter as "Yes, I want it" and S for "SOS" (Shoes o Sale) among others. Cute!

Product Page via Slippery Brick

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