Mugen Puchi Puchi now on Amazon

Are you one of the few people who love the feeling of popping bubble wraps? Well, there is a toy that is not only environmentally friendly, it can be used for virtually unlimited times while providing you with the same kind of kick you get from traditional bubble wrap. Originally available in Japan, Amazon has now brought the Mugen Puchi Puchi bubble wrap toy to our shores for a mere $5.99. You can choose from four distinct colors - cold sore pink, pea soup green, dying of exposure blue and cadaver grey. At least you no longer need to scour for discarded bubble wrap at the office dump area, but unlike the original, it does not simulate the actual sound of a real bubble wrap bubble burst. On a lighter note, for every 100 pops you dish out, you will be able to get a random fart, barking dog or door chime sound.

Product Page via Gizmodo

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