Apple aims to wow with new MacBook lines

Old Steve's at it again with a new MacBook family that aims to revolutionize the way notebooks are designed without breaking the bank - guess he had the foresight to see that world financial markets will plunge, and have positioned these new notebooks at a more affordable price range (although not every can still bring one home like an Eee PC). These new MacBooks and MacBook Pros will feature a precision unibody enclosure crafted from a solitary block of aluminum, with the final product being thinner, more durable and pleasing to the eye. The new MacBook family will also feature the latest NVIDIA graphics solutions, an instant-on LED backlit display, a large glass Multi-Touch trackpad for 40% more tracking area with support for numerous new Multi-Touch gestures, and love Mother Nature thanks to compliance with Energy Star 4.0, EPEAT Gold and RoHS environmental standards.

I like the fact that the Multi-Touch trackpad also doubles up as one huge mouse button, letting you click just about anywhere without having to lift your finger up. Also, with LED backlit displays, you will be able to have higher performance levels while consuming 30% less energy compared to its predecessor. The new MacBook has an entry level price that is $700 cheaper than the $1,999 MacBook Pro, but shares many of the features with the latter. You will be able to choose from 2.0GHz and 2.4GHz models. As for the 15" MacBook Pro line, that will come in 2.4GHz and 2.53GHz models with differences in hard drive capacity.

The 17" MacBook Pro now boasts a high resolution 1,920 x 1,200 LED backlit display and a much more spacious 320GB hard drive, although you can opt for a smaller 128GB solid state drive if flash memory is your cup of tea. Guess it is time to blow your savings on one of these pretty babies, eh?

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