Ainol V3000 portable media player

The Ainol brand might not ring a bell with certain quarters, but it is a pretty decent brand when it comes to portable media players. Enter the Ainol V3000 portable media player that comes with an unexpectedly cheap price when compared to other more established names in the market (the Apple iPod and Creative line of Zens along with Archos comes into mind), costing you a mere $102 in return for the following :-

  • 4.3" LCD display at 800 x 480 resolution with 16 million colors
  • Integrated FM tuner and transmitter
  • TV out connectivity
  • Built-in microphone
  • 4GB internal memory

The only sore point I have is the lack of a memory card slot of sorts to boost the 4GB memory it ships with.

Source: PMP Today

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