Solar Net Lights

There is nothing quite like pretty blinking lights on your fence around the house that ushers in the festive mood. After all, life is much better lived with full of celebrations instead of disappointments and feeling sorry for yourself in a one-person Pity Party.

Solar-powered light net creates a dazzling display during the holidays without wires or extension cords. Easy to set up and maintain. Simply wrap shrub and you're done! LED lights charge by day and turn on/off automatically when the sun rises and sets (runs up to 8 hours). Requires 1 AAA battery (not included). 50 bulbs per net, stretches to 45 x 36".

You will be able to make the Solar Net Lights yours for $19.98. Just remember, if you happen to live in a large home with a really huge and long fence, $19.98 will definitely not be enough as you'll need to fork out a whole lot more to light up your surroundings at night.

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