USB Secret Diary

It has long been a stereotype that girls love keeping diaries, writing about their secret crushes whom they hold close to their hearts. Find any diary by a woman and you'll discover a hidden side of hers, which is sometimes even not privy to those closest to her. In this electronic day and age, we have the USB Secret Diary that looks pretty much like a USB flash drive, featuring a numeric pad that requires the right 4-digit PIN combination before it can be accessed. Thanks to its 256-bit AES crypto, the data within will self-destruct should somebody attempt a force brute attack. In addition, if you happen to own the Secret Diary, you can opt for a never lost password and purchase a subscription which backs up diary entries in the event of loss or theft (touch wood). Other software bundles in the USB Secret Diary include a fortune cookie, My Stars application, Dream Catcher, Thinking Deep, and Mood Art. There is no word on pricing and availability at this point in time.

Source: EverythingUSB

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