Easycar U7 GPS navigation device

While consumers naturally want the best of everything, it isn't easy to come up with a device that has all the features without jacking up the price to insane levels. Just take a look at the world of cell phones for example - the really high end ones cost a bomb, and it is pretty interesting to see how tech has revolutionized a device that was originally meant to just let you have a conversation no matter where you are. Enter the Easycar U7 GPS navigation device in Korea that will retail in the neighborhood of just $100. It will feature a DMB antenna, a 7" TFT LCD display (sorry, no touch capability here), portable media player functions (that means audio and video playback as you hit the road) and a Picture-in-Picture frame. It measures just 19mm thin, making it one device that targets the entry level market.

Source: AVing

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