Olympic themed flash drives

Being a Chinese, I can't help but be proud of just how well the Beijing 2008 Olympics kicked off, what with the stunning opening ceremony and all. Lenovo, being a China-based company, no doubt threw in a fair bit of money into the $300 million opening extravaganza budget, and they are also behind the official Olympics USB flash drive range. Among them are the Olympic torch model that comes with 4GB of storage space, featuring the games logo at the center surrounded by swirling red clouds. Those who prefer something more animated might settle for the Mascot series that consists of half a dozen units at 4GB each as well. The third collection will see five medallions, although it is pretty hard to detect where the USB plug is hidden. Last but not least, there will only be ten available units of the extremely limited edition drive set that features 1GB titanium drives with a swiveling USB connector, all encased in a special mahogany box.

Source: Everything USB

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