Stroll-a-Tune makes life easier

Ask any parent and they'll tell you that walking their little one safely tucked away in a stroller is an experience to savor, as they see their child's growth day by day, and one fine day (which comes too soon, some might add) will see that child being too big for a stroller and would prefer to ride on a bicycle instead. Here's a device that will help make your stroller experience all the more memorable and relaxing - the Stroll-a-Tune that can be clamped onto the handles of most prams (and even bike handlebars), playing your favorite tunes no matter where you are without having to worry about not hearing a vehicle's horn right behind you. Powered by a trio of AA batteries, the Stroll-a-Tune ships with a neoprene case to keep your audio player safe from scratches and bumps.

Product Page via TRFJ

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