CPC Wristband helps you avoid tickets

How many of us are still so used to the idea of holding a cell phone in one hand while driving with the other despite the advancement in technology known as Bluetooth? Well, many countries have already introduced a ban on this dangerous driving habit, which is where the CPC Wristband comes in (if your phone does not have Bluetooth connectivity or you're too cheap to purchase a Bluetooth headset). Make sure you have the speakerphone function in the first place though before you pick up the CPC Wristband. This solution is meant to wrap around your wrist, where your phone is slotted into the pocket, making it a snap for you to carry out your conversations without suffering from the lack of hands. It is officially approved by police in the US, England, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Israel and Japan. You will be able to pick up the CPC Wristband for $25.99 each.

Product Page via TRFJ

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