Motorola Motopure H12, Bluetooth

2607449215 d5617083e2 Motorola has released the Motopure H12 which utilizes CrystalTalk 2-microphone technology which works to cancel any outside noise and make your voice clear to listen to for your callers.  The speakers that are incoming offer multiple choices of cushions so that you can pick the best fit.

The Motopure H12 is small and has a great look.  The sleek design of the H12 impressed me and the light fit made it easy to forget that I had the bluetooth on my ear.  With a talk time of 5.5 hours and a boasted standby time of 200 hours, the H12 is certainly easy to add to your list of wants, and will keep you mobile at your busiest times.

The Motopure has an automatic low power mode and LED light to help you keep up with your battery use.  An easy to use USB charger and dock kept the H12 powered up when not in use and I loved the ability to answer, end, reject, mute and hold calls with the touch of a button.  The Bluetooth Class 2 wireless technology is a must-have and the range of the headset is up to 33 feet.

Overall, a great experience with easy charging, light wear and easy-to-hear conversations.

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