Curventa concept digital camera

I must admit that entry level point-and-shoot digital cameras these days are way better looking than their predecessors, but there is always room for improvement, right? Enter the Curventa concept digital camera - this one, should it be realized, could actually be as small as a lipstick. Inside you will find a scrollable (no doubt fragile) OLED touchscreen display (watch those newly manicured fingernails!) that makes it a snap to access all the relevant functions and controls. When not in use, the display will be rolled right back inside, making it convenient to store (and easy to lose, I might add). Other features include a wireless charging feature and an integrated DLP projector. Now that's a little bit far fetched considering how much power you will need for a projector in a device this small, so I'll return from fantasy and get back to the real world for the moment.

 Source: Techchee

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