Safa T-Slide MP3 player

Safa of Korea has just launched yet another MP3 player known as the T-slide. This model measures a mere 6.4mm thin, which makes me pretty nervous should I place this in my back jeans pocket. Who knows, plopping myself down on a hard wooden chair might just result in my rear end breaking something inside being that thin. The T-Slide comes with a tiny 1.46" display at 176 x 132 resolution and packs an integrated FM radio, a voice recorder, pre-loaded games, e-book support, compatibility with Microsoft's Play-X for 3D sound and 7 band equalizers. Heck, it even does movie playback as well but with a screen that small, I'd use it only for short YouTube clips and music videos as feature length movies are a definite no-no. The 1GB and 2GB models will retail for approximately $75 and $85, respectively.

Source: AVing

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