Special edition Iron Man Shine

LG has tied up with Marvel to bring Iron Man's Mark 3 suit to the showfloors of CTIA 2008 in Las Vegas, and the 6 foot 4 inch armor is not only there to draw crowds to its booth but help promote a special edition of the LG Shine handset known as Iron Man. while the original LG Shine has been around since January last year, this hasn't stopped LG from coming up with a special edition version. I personally think that this effort is noble, but to bestow such an honor on an aging handset like this does not do justice to Marvel's genius. Iron Man's color scheme of red and gold are replicated on this special edition Iron Man Shine cell phone. No word on when it will be available nor how much it costs, but other than the cosmetic changes, everything else inside remains the same.

Source: AVing

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