Miu HDPC is one tiny wonder

Now here's a small device that is powered by either Windows XP or Windows CE, allowing you to get basic computing jobs done just about wherever you are while functioning as the all important cell phone. Some of the features include the following :-

  • 500MHz Via C7-M processor
  • 200MHz ARM9-based system-on-chip
  • Up to 4GB DDR2 RAM
  • 4" WVGA (800 x 480 resolution) internal display, 2.2" 320 x 240 resolution outer display
  • 30GB/60GB or 4GB SSD option
  • WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity
  • GPS navigation support
  • 3- or 5-megapixel camera

This little onder measures 160mm x 65mm x 25mm and tips the scales at a rather hefty 385 grams - definitely not something your pocket will welcome as it fits into a bag much better. Koreans will be able to get their hands on the Miu HDPC this July, as it retails between $400 and $500 after conversion, depending on the system specifications.

Source: Windows for Devices

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