Razer Piranha Gaming Headset

 As a gamer, I look for good sound in a headset, and the Razer Piranha has that perfected.  With noise-filtering for the microphone, your teammates or gaming pals won't miss a word you say.  Comfort is first with Razer, too.  Ergonomic designs are a focus for this company and these Piranha headphones happen to have adjustable earphones to help with every movement you make and keep your long hours of gaming less about your comfort and more about your enjoyment.

Another plus for Razer is the cable, they took extra time to ensure it's durability by covering it with a braided fiber.  I had no problem just plugging it in and using it, either.  No annoying wait to set it up.

Not only are they awesome to use for the excellent sound and quality but they also have added 'gadget addict' features like the lovely blue icon on the sides and blue lighting on the control that's attached to the cord.  If you're into case mods. or just like to show off your favorite brand, Razer has your number.  Shop their site and keep watching for new items.  They keep adding more things for me to drool over.

I love their company motto, too:  "For gamers, by gamers."  Who better to design my stuff but someone that has something in common with me?  They have a new mouse coming, too, and I hope to feature the Salmosa here as soon as I get more details.

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