DS Lite gets new skin

The Nintendo DS Lite is one handheld console that has certainly gotten more than its fair share of accessories to date, and you can be sure that the marketing machine isn't going to stop anytime soon - hence, the Loyton Leather Tuning Skin Case for the DS. While the word 'leather' is used, no animals were skinned in the process as it just has a leather feel to it and nothing more. This is achieved by embossing a simulated leather texture onto Polycarbonate - that ought to get all those animal activists off your back. Each case comes in two pieces, where one protects the top while the other prevents the bottom from picking up scratches. The hinge is left exposed, and overall the Loyton Leather Tuning Skin Case looks like a pretty sweet deal since they don't seem to obstruct any of the controls. Each case retails for $24.99.

Source: SlashGear


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