Mustek PF-E700 digital photo frame

Mustek seems to be pretty intent on carving out a name for itself in the digital photo frame business, and the PF-E700 is their latest effort. Not only do you get a device that shows off your favorite photos, it also comes with the following integrated features :-

  • Built-in alarm clock
  • Calendar
  • Indoor temperature gauge
  • MP3 playback capability

In addition to those, the PF-E700 also makes for an impromptu video playback device thanks to its 7" 480 x 234 TFT color LCD display that handles AVI and M-JPEG formats effortlessly. Information such as time, calendar and temperature digits are reversely display on the bottom of the player in order to maximize space for photography appreciation - I like that a low. It is tipped that the Mustek PF-E700 will ship this April for $149.99 a pop.

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