Buffalo Keyboard Includes Skype Phone

 With so many USB gadgets available to help you utilize the SKYPE software, you know that someone has to go a step further with their design abilities.  It has happened with the Buffalo BKBU-SKJ109/SV Keyboard.  This has the usual lovely 12 function keys that we love so much, with an additional 13 hot keys, volume control for your headphones (isn't that what this is trying to replace?) and a tethered phone for your SKYPE calls.

You can utilize the standard 109 keys to your advantage and type up a quick note to the company to let them know that you'd like a wireless model (go Bluetooth!) or you can settle for this and enjoy a few calls there by your desk for only a small fee.  Looks like a decent keyboard, at least.  I'm unsure about the function this would add to your gadget-loving life though.  I suppose $65 can be worth looking a little different?2225499523 d6ae1e5ce2

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