iRiver Clix, 2nd Gen

Redesigned and sleek, the iRiver Clix plays your music, videos and displays photos with 2GB to 8GB of storage and a bright 2.2" AMOLED screen. 

It supports music subscription services so you still have an open door for purchased music to be added and it has a built-in digital FM tuner in case you want to get local tunes.

Fast USB transfers and it comes with iRiver earphones, an install CD, quick start guide and the USB cable so that you're ready to transfer your favorite songs to it.

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  1. SarahG 20 December, 2007 at 13:42

    Wow, that is pretty slick. I already had an affinity for my friend’s iRiver over this past summer and I’m glad to see that they’re running with it. It should definitely be in this top-list of gadgets gifts for the geek!

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